Taking Sorella Home for pickup on Friday and Saturday evenings.

(Takeout  guidelines)

We are encouraging preorders though we also welcome day of & last minute orders! 

A very small, dedicated & disciplined crew will be handling the processing, packaging and hand off of food with the full understanding & utmost respect for the severity of the situation at hand. We are confident in the guidance we have taken from the WHO & the CDC to ensure all precautions & appropriate measures are taken to provide guest, staff & food security. 

For pre orders please email info@sorellayvr.com. We will be taking orders anytime from the menu release on Wednesday until Friday afternoon at 3:00pm (for Friday pick up) & 3:00pm on Saturday (for Saturday pick up). 

For “night of “ orders please call Sorella at 604-873-3131. We will be open from 4:30-8:30pm. Chef’s choice boxes will be available for pick up earlier in the day, if required. 

We are happy to take payment over the phone & have the food available for pickup. Alternatively, if you would prefer to use your credit card in person, we ask that you use the FRONT DOOR ONLY. 

Please note, we are offering 15 min pick up windows to ensure that guests do not overlap & we are able to sanitize & prepare the pick up/ payment station after every transaction. Thus we would ask that you do your best to adhere to timeline you are given upon order confirmation. 

We look forward to seeing everyone from 2 meters away & are so excited for you all to bring a bit of Sorella home with you!

Take out menu;

Ask about our meal plan Chef’s boxes.  


Arancini, chili aioli   9
Meatballs, pomodoro   12
California Burrata, pickled, heirloom tomatoes   20
Prosciutto di Parma   20
Spanish sardine conserva   13 
Arugula salad, preserved white asparagus, Parmesan    15
Leek soup 1/2 litre  6, 1 litre  10
House marinated olives 6


Spaghetti Carbonara, guanciale  20
Spicy Prawn linguine  22
Lamb Ragu, tagliatelle  22
Venison sausage & porcini ragu, tagliatelle  22
Cauliflower, Parmesan crema, rigatoni  17
House Bolognese, orecchiette  20
Pomodoro or Cacio E Pepe  15


Crisp Cornish hen, salsa verde, rapini, rosemary potatoes   half 24/ full 36


Chocolate salumi   6


Peroni/Menabrea     6
Negroni cocktail in mason jar     6

Brigaldera Soave 2018, Veneto    45
Li Veli Fiano 2018, Puglia    40
Le Pianure Pinot Grigio 2018, Friuli    35

Ocone Aglianico  ‘Apollo’ 2010, Campania    45
Ca’ Rugate Valpolicella ‘Rio Albo’ 2017, Veneto    40
Piazzano Chianti 2018, Toscana    35