Welcome to Sorella

Over 100 years ago, millions of Italians arrived in New York. With their colourful culture in hand, they embarked on a journey that would change their lives and alter the framework of America.

These first Italian-Americans invented a cuisine combining the soul of Italy with the resources of America. This is the comfort food that fed dreams and opportunities, and the dishes that nourished the stories of many generations to come.

Translated as “Sister,” Sorella is the adventurous sister who left her traditional family home for the great unknown. She is a nurturer who welcomes anyone and everyone into her home. And she is that vivacious woman you can’t tear your gaze from.

Ten years ago, we opened our first Italian restaurant, La Buca, celebrating regional specialities in Vancouver’s Westside. In essence, Sorella is La Buca’s sister – raised on the same ideals, but with her eye on a different future.

We welcome you into our intimate enclave of red checkered napkins and vintage photographs to experience a taste of the simple comfort of Italian-American cooking. Using only the freshest ingredients, Sorella introduces a casual and authentic dining experience to Vancouver’s Cambie Village.

3369 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W6
tel: 604.873.3131 | email: info@sorellayvr.com